Find out more about the new start!
Vivid battles, unforgettable emotions and interesting content - all this we have prepared for you, dear Players! Thanks to everyone who is with us! Your Bucks.Game
Open Interlude x50
Before starting the server, there are:
Additional branches of farming!
Limited mode of the rating arena, as well as fishing skill - will allow you to avoid the usual path of development!
Stop the development limit!
Our server does not oblige you to stop at the standard outfit - with Bucks Stone, your imagination will add interest to the game!
Modernization and modification of the outdated!
Sieges, Olympiad and Achievement system will not make you bored! New rules, new conditions, new prizes!
Automatic, classic, GvG, and manual GvG, with unpredictable conditions, from your mind-blowing administration!
New client!
Enough to endure lags, outdated graphics or indecision of the administration to the modern one, necessary for your comfortable game! Even the oldest veterans will return to this game with the modern Classic client!
Legal earnings!
Tired of enduring the repression of the administration? Pay high commissions to third-party resources to guarantee your deal? Only for you - our own exchange for realizing your values!
Do you still doubt that we will reach a level that will leave old, sensational names in the past?
Look around, the advertising campaign is even on your grandmothers phones! If you think that we have missed a good advertising space - indicate and we will immediately settle there. Bucks.Game - we create history. Enter the history of "Bucks.Game" from the first page of the "preface"!